Olamide Akintoye AEP 66

October 10, 2019 0 comments admin Categories Growth Support Visit

We visited Olamide Akintoye, Chief Dog Trainer of Oly Dogs Academy of AEP 66. @olydogsacademy train dogs in “Basic Command”, “Security”, “Attack”, etc. The business has been expanding their horizon and currently has 2 members of staff.

His key outcome from attending the AEP 66 Digital in partnership with Facebook are;

  1. Separating business from personal finance.
  2. Keeping straight financial records, capturing all incomes and expenditures.
  3. The need to have a business support system, preferably a mentor to provide hand holding support as the business grows.
  4. How to effectively make use of social media to properly reach target customers.

However, the areas he still faces challenges in are: defining a proper business plan to take the business to the next level and building the capacity to handle the traffic that is possible to come after making public adverts.

We then advised him to send his business mentoring goals to hasten the process of getting him matched with a mentor.