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Amaka Nwaokolo and Dr. Tayo Adeloju

We are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Episode 3 of The Entrepreneurship Policy Pulse, now available for your listening pleasure.

The FATE Institute’s captivating podcast takes you on a journey through the ever-evolving world of Nigeria’s entrepreneurship landscape, delving into the latest trends and policy developments that shape its dynamic ecosystem.

Join our esteemed host, Amaka Nwaokolo, Head of The FATE Institute, alongside the brilliant Dr Tayo Aduloju, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Designate of the prestigious Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), as they engage in an enlightening discussion on “Nigeria’s Fiscal and Monetary Policy Outlook: Implications for Nigeria’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.”

Together, they explore the intricacies of Nigeria’s Fiscal and Monetary Policy Outlook, shedding light on recent government reforms and their potential impact on NMSMEs (Nano, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) across the nation.

Amaka Nwaokolo and Dr. Ayodele Shittu

Listen to Episode 2 of The Entrepreneurship Policy Pulse, a Podcast by the FATE Institute of FATE Foundation focused on exploring trends and policy developments shaping Nigeria’s dynamic entrepreneurship landscape.

Hosted by Amaka Nwaokolo, Head, The FATE Institute, Episode 2 features Dr. Ayodele Shittu, FATE Institute Fellow, and focuses on “Enabling Youth-led Businesses in Nigeria’s Food Retail Sector.”

The conversation dives into the potential of youth-led businesses within Nigeria’s thriving food retail sector and the pivotal role that government can play in fostering growth and opportunities.