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Business Recovery Programme (Youth)

The recent recession and pandemic have put significant strains on many Nigerian entrepreneurs and businesses including those led by members of the FATE Foundation alumni community. In view of these realities and our commitment to enabling and effectively supporting our growing community of entrepreneurs spread across the country, the FATE Foundation team working with the Alumni Executive Committee launched the Business Recovery Programme which was announced at the 5th FATE Foundation Annual Alumni conference. The focus of the BRP is to:

  • Build Resilience during and beyond the Pandemic;
  • Provide targeted business survival, recovery and growth support;
  • Provide knowledge and capacity building support on revenue generation and retention strategies;
  • Enable digital pivot through the adoption of digital solutions, technology and tools to improve learning and enable enterprise growth;
  • Ensure improved access to financial literacy and financial services; and
  • Build partnerships and value-adding community engagement within and among the Alumni community.¬†

This unique programme is free and tailored and designed to equip Nigerian businesses with relevant knowledge and toolset to quickly adapt to economic disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets, and overall brand equity. The delivery formats will be through:

  • Virtual Learning and Capacity Building
  • Digital Transformation Enablement
  • Remote Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Funding Linkages
  • Community Building