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We are happy to share with you our Impact Report for 2018. This Report highlights our 2018 journey including the entrepreneurs we supported and the amazing volunteers and partners who enabled our work.

Please click on the link  below to view and download a copy of the Report.

2018 Annual Celebration

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November, 2018
Annual Celebration
2018 Annual Celebration
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Muson Centre. Lagos


What our Entrepreneurs are saying.

Aep 1

Ajani Olawale

The weeks we spent here, I believe we have learnt new things which have actually helped our businesses one way or the other.
Aep 2

Feyisayo Oyebisi

Before I came to AEP, I was clueless, I looked like I had it all together, I looked like I knew what I was doing but there was no structure, there was no real business plan. But coming here, every single module in the programme has helped to shape me.

Bryan-Egeni Deborah

For every session, I think FATE was just hand-on, they knew what module to give us for every part of our businesses.

Owolabi Falana

The business model canvas has opened my eye to new ways of managing business.

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