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Our growth as a foundation enabling entrepreneurs over two decades wouldn’t have been possible without thorough learning and understanding of the entrepreneurship landscapes of Nigeria from a practical perspective. Knowing this, we believe our approach to research will;

  1. Provide definitive answers to important questions entrepreneurs ask;
  2. Bridge the information and data gap by providing insights and data around the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  3. Enable effective policy recommendation which will aid the policy information and design system.
  4. To provide insights into our work at The FATE School of Entrepreneurship which will drive effective and efficient change from within.

We also believe that when there is access to useful knowledge, stakeholders can make impact-driven decisions allowing the entrepreneurial potential to flourish.

The Research and Policy arm of our Foundation known as The FATE Institute was created from the thorough lack of data around entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Little to nothing existed to help people in this space and more so, to drive strategic decision-making by policymakers and other stakeholders.

Given our legacy and impact in the Nigerian entrepreneurship ecosystem, we get asked a lot of questions covering all areas of entrepreneurship. We realized we didn’t have answers to some frequently asked questions. And, we also didn’t have direct access to the right people who can give clarity. This was a consistent problem, which inspired and commenced our journey into research and policy.


Our Research Approach:  


  • Ecosystem Driven: The research process starts by identifying the questions being asked by both our entrepreneurs and external individuals. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are;

What are the common questions our entrepreneurs ask us?  What are the challenging areas out there that people can’t seem to grasp or fully understand?

What will be the impact of answering these questions?

What kind of policies can be recommended by answering these questions?

All these and more are questions we identify and focus on as the basis in mapping our research areas.

  • Opportunity Driven: One of our perspectives to research is, every problem or challenge comes with different possible opportunities, we pride ourselves in always being ahead of the curve by asking ourselves how we can provide more insights and perspective to any problem. A typical example of this is the current Covid Pandemic. We decided not to view the Covid Pandemic from a problematic lens only. But to learn about how the pandemic affects the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nigeria.


  • Data Collection and Processing: After all research area has been discovered or decided upon, then we carry out empirical research by; launching surveys and state holder sessions; speaking with the appropriate people who can provide answers and carrying out thorough research across the board.


  • Sharing findings: One of our goals for our research institute is to ensure that what we learn is not only useful to FATE Foundation but all areas and individuals of the entrepreneurship ecosystems at large. With this in mind, over the years we have published reports, policy white papers, briefs, opinion pieces, and insights. We’re always in search of new and more effective ways to communicate our work. Our research institute is for you and we hope you will explore, share and also start conversations around pressing entrepreneurship issues that we all need to talk about.


  • Policy Dialogue Series: We pick up conversations from our yearly policy dialogue series. Where all stakeholders such as policymakers, thought professional leaders, investors, related government representatives and entrepreneurs sit together to discuss challenges about a particular sector yearly. In this dialogue series, a round table of leaders and individuals come together to share and learn using our published research as the basis of birthing salient conversations.


In 6 years, we have built a strong Foundation in Entrepreneurship Research and Policy, by publishing 13 research papers and being at the forefront of policy recommendations through our dialogue series. We are proud to have pioneered the first-ever publicly available research on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nigeria.



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