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Business Resilience Programme (BRP) for Women Entrepreneurs

FATE Foundation with support from has launched the Business Resilience Programme (BRP) for Women Entrepreneurs for 2023. This program is funded under the “SSA Women Entrepreneurship Programme’’ and is part of a continent-wide program running across Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa aimed at improving the digital and financial capability of female nano and micro business entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 55 years.

The program will provide beneficiaries with required fundamental financial literacy and business management knowledge; digital literacy skills; growth support (including business registration, network, and community building); and micro-grant financing to underserved female-led businesses in Nigeria.

Specifically, the BRP will support female entrepreneurs with businesses at the nano and micro levels in two phases:

Phase I:

– Self paced fully online 4 week program

– Access to Business Plan Developer Tool

Phase II:

– Hybrid program led by experienced financial and digital literacy for entrepreneurs experts

– Business Registration Support

– Micro Grant support

Eligibility for Phase II will be dependent on completion of all Modules and requirements from Phase I.

The curriculum will cover teaching female entrepreneurs in Nigeria the following:


– Financial Management

– Business Plan Development

– Digital Marketing

– Accessing Funding

– Business Networks

– Confidence Building

– Micro Grant financing to 200 participants

– Free Business Registration for 200 participants

– Free access to Foundation’s Business Plan Developer Tool

– Certificate of Completion

– Opportunity to be featured on FATE Foundation’s or the partners Social Media pages

  • Female entrepreneurs who run nano (less than 3 employees) and micro (between 4 to 9 employees) businesses in Nigeria.
  • A minimum of secondary school completion qualification.
  • Ability to understand and communicate in English.
  • Access to the internet and a Smartphone device with the ability to use the device.
  • Special consideration will be given to women who are breadwinners, widows, and single parents.

Business Resilience Programme (BRP) for Women
Class Timelines per State

States CohortApplication Closing DatesProgramme Start and End Dates
Phase I – Fully Online Sessions Nationwide10th February 2023Ongoing
Phase II - Lagos 10th March 2023Ongoing
Phase II - Ogun17th March 2023Ongoing
Phase II - Edo 28th April 202322nd MAY -16th June 2023
Phase II - Kwara9th June 20233rd July -28th July 2023
Phase II - Abia21st July 202314th August – 8th September 2023

The application will be in three (3) stages, and you are required to complete all three stages to be eligible for further processing.

Stage I:

Interested applicants must complete the application form here.

The steps involved in the application procedure are as follows:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the Apply Now button on the webpage after carefully reading the webpage’s description of the program and qualifying requirements
Step 3: Create an account on the FATE Foundation SOAR Application Portal (if you are a new user) or sign in if you have applied using this platform before.
Step 4: For new account users – Complete the fields with your first name, last name, email address and password and check the terms and conditions box.
Step 5: Check the inbox of the email address you used. You would immediately receive a verification email in your inbox. Click on the ‘’verify your email” button link. Do note that the link expires in 10 minutes if you don’t use it.
Step 6: After your account has been activated, you can log in.
Step 7: Click on the link of the relevant program you are applying for and continue the application.
Step 8: Click yes to the qualifying question and complete the fields as relevant to you.
Steps 4-6 do not apply to anybody who has already applied to one of our programs using the FATE SOAR application; you may just log in and sign on as necessary.

Stage II:

You will be onboarded onto our e-learn platform to complete the 4weeks virtual digital and financial literacy training session. This session is open to beneficiaries across the nation.

Stage III:

Candidates with timely completion of modules and graded points will be shortlisted for a 10-minute phone/video interview after which 40 applicants will be shortlisted for each stream held in Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Kwara and Abia state.

Through the support of, the programme is FREE to all female entrepreneurs running a nano or micro business who successfully scale through the three application stages. This scholarship support from covers all direct course fees including course materials, books, business formalization and microgrant support.

This is a State-by-State Hybrid training, and it is expected that each entrepreneur enrolled in the programme must be resident in the location/city where you have applied for the programme. This will also be verified during the shortlisting/selection process.

Who Can Apply?

  • A woman between the age of 18-55years
  • Running a nano or micro business.
  • Having a minimum of secondary school qualification with the ability to understand and communicate in English language
  • Have access to the Internet through a smartphone (at least) with a basic understanding of how to use the device.
  • Special consideration will be given to women who are breadwinners, widows, and single parents.

When Can I Apply?

Applications start from January 2, 2023, for the first phase virtual session that will be open to eligible participants across the nation. Participants for phase II of the programme will be shortlisted based on set criteria on a rolling basis across 5 states.

How many entrepreneurs are you selecting per stream?

40 entrepreneurs per cohort

Can women group or Association refer potential beneficiaries for the program?

Women groups and association willing to refer potential beneficiaries to the Business Resilience Program should note the following additional Q&A.

  1. How many women’s details can we submit?

We welcome as many potential beneficiaries as can be referred to us to partake in the program, particularly in Lagos, Ogun, Kwara, Edo, and Abia states. Please note that applicants are required to use the link below to apply:

2. What is the deadline for submission?

The deadline for submission is listed below.

There are two phases to the program: virtual and hybrid. Target beneficiaries from all around the country are eligible to apply and take part in the virtual phase all year long. However, to be eligible for the phase II hybrid session, target beneficiaries must enroll on the program, participate in the virtual phase, and complete the course before the deadlines listed above for each state where the hybrid session will be held.


3. Must all potential beneficiaries be Lagos based? Please confirm.

No, we welcome target beneficiaries from across the country, particularly those residing in Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Kwara and Abia states, where the hybrid phase of the program will take place.

Is there a Fee to Participate?

No, the programme is free of charge

Will there be weekend classes?

No, there will be no weekend classes

How Do I Know if my Application Has Been Successful?

Only applicants that successfully complete the virtual e-learn session will be shortlisted and contacted for the hybrid session.

Can I make changes to my application after I have submitted or do I do a Fresh Application Instead?

No. You cannot make changes after your application has been summited. Once you have submitted it, it becomes final, and you will not be able to edit the application. Also, multiple entries will be disqualified. So, we encourage you to verify your application carefully before submitting it.

What is the time involvement expected for participants?

Each stream will run for a period of four (4) weeks and with an average of about 2-3 days of involvement per week.

Can a member of my team replace me in the programme?

No. Only the business owner/founder/co-founder that applied for this programme is allowed to participate.

Where Should I Send any Enquiries?

Email [email protected]. Also, follow @FATE Foundation on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date

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