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Setting Up a Cakes & Dessert Business

Recycling has been around for a very long time. Scavengers who would rummage through the garbage heap then operated at sub-par standards, and people associated with recycling were viewed as paupers and delinquents.



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The Cakes and Desserts industry in Nigeria dates as far back as the 60s and 70s. However, it has evolved significantly over the years in various ways like Perception, Number of Players in the space, Cake making Styles, New Tastes and Habits, Niche Market, Technology and the internet.

The book ‘Setting Up a Cakes and Desserts Business’ is a practical book that captures all these changes and the opportunities available for players to come in at different entry points regardless of budget constraints. Some of the opportunities to explore within the Cakes and Desserts value chain include cake making, dessert making, sale of raw materials, delivery of cakes and desserts, cakes and desserts business consulting, training and mentoring, financing, business support and advisory etc.

This book will help you identify what aspect of the value chain plays to your strength and how to maximize it, the critical factors to consider when setting up a cakes and desserts business and how to manage and scale your cakes and desserts business.


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