Meet Esther Sonoiki, the founder of i-fruitshop, a startup that provides the public with easy access to fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables from trusted local suppliers.

Esther, who had previously tried her hands at various campus businesses, ventured into the fruit business six months ago but was faced with a lack of knowledge on how to run the business effectively.

Without a clear understanding of her personal and business finances or how to position her brand online, Esther was already getting frustrated until a friend shared the flyer for the Business Resilience Programme (BRP) by The FATE School with support from, with her. Eager to give it a shot, she enrolled and was delighted to find that the program provided her with the exact business knowledge she was looking for to run her business better.

Since then, Esther has started applying the knowledge gained from the BRP and has started seeing gradual results. In addition, she is excited to have expanded her network by meeting other Nigerian women entrepreneurs who are also running nano and micro businesses and is happy to be part of the FATE Alumni Community.

At The FATE School, we are proud to have played a role in Esther’s entrepreneurial journey and wish her continued success in her business endeavors.