In our next profile of our newest startup entrepreneurs, Onomeme Adene, Founder of Onomene Couture and of our Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) 54 class talks to us about her growing fashion venture.


What is Onomene Couture all about? The name Onomene Couture is a combination of my name and the french word Couture, which means high class fashion. I used my name because I want to build it as a brand, so it can become an household name like Frank Oshodi, Deola Sagoe, Zizi Cardow. Our aim is to provide beauty and sophistication for women through clothing particularly for special occasions.


What type of clients do you target? My clients are females from age 25 years and above. They include brides, her friends (the bridal train), celebrities, models, wives celebrating their anniversaries and fashion stylish party people. Onomene Couture provides her clients with the opportunity of their dream wedding dress instead of the cliché readymade tube- ball gowns.  O.C makes sure that her clients look breathtaking at any event. Onomene Couture- think style, think onomene.


When did this business start ? Fashion designing is in my genes. My grandmother was a tailor and my mum also picked it up but had to abandon it for the professional sector. So when it was time for me to pick what i wanted to do, it came to life even with no prior knowledge or training. Onomene Couture was birthed in January 2012 to share and spread beauty and class from her talent and wardrobe style to other ladies inside and outside Nigeria.  It wasn’t a conscious or premeditated decision.

What were you doing before you started O.C? I graduated from Covenant University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. While i was in school, I knew I never wanted to work for anybody. So after NYSC, I went for trading and started business. I had to be an all rounder in the fashion design so I went ahead to train with Frank Osodi of the House of Bunor where i learnt how to work using patterns and from there, i went to the acclaimed Singer School of Fashion where i learnt how to use freehand. To gain business management knowledge on how to turn my fashion start up into a successful venture, i joined the FATE AEP 54 class.


How was your FATE Foundation AEP experience? It has been mind blowing, mind joggling, eye opening and at the same time interesting. I came into FATE to improve the “little business” I had (but still on that scale). Now I’m thinking bigger- manufacturing, production, the whole nine yards. Thanks FATE.


What are your dreams for OC in the next 5 years? I moved into my showroom on Armoire, Off Allen Avenue in June 2015 and at the moment i have 2 employees and have been able to make an annual turnover of N654,000. Five years from now, Onomene Couture would be the leading bridal, red carpet and dinner dress manufacturing business. With top notch designs and tailors able to complete with international wedding and dinner dresses. So Nigerians, starting with those in Lagos would not have to place international orders  for these dresses. They would simply come over to Onomene Couture.


Onomene Couture is located at 26 Armoire Avenue, Off Allen Roundabout, Ikea. You can also follow Onomene Couture on Facebook or Onomene_couture on Instagram.