In 2016/2017, FATE Foundation developed a research report on the Mapping Study of Nigeria’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. The Report which was developed in partnership with KPMG Advisory Services Nigeria and with technical support from Ford Foundation provided a holistic view of the Nigerian entrepreneurship space, highlighting the key players, the strengths of the ecosystem and improvement areas, while also proffering recommendations.

A key outcome of that research was the development of the “Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Key Players in Nigeria” list which is a type of directory that clearly shows the key players in Nigeria’s entrepreneurship ecosystem along the following definitive lines;

  • Policy and Regulation
  • Capacity Building
  • Access to finance
  • Access to market
  • Access to resources
  • Business Support
  • Research and Development.

This year, FATE Foundation will be developing an updated version of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Key Players in Nigeria list. If your business organisation operates in any of the definitive areas, please complete a short survey here ( to give us details that your organisation can be listed in the updated version.

Thank you and we look forward to your response.