FATE School was created to harness the strong entrepreneurial culture of Nigerians by providing aspiring entrepreneurs business incubation, growth and accelerator support required to fully explore their innovative potential, to start, grow and scale their businesses. Given the past and existing problems such as:

  • High youth unemployment & underemployment despite strong entrepreneurship culture
  • Difficult Business Environment
  • A large number of low growth micro businesses
  • Mid to late-career transition to entrepreneurship


We have been able to create solutions by:

  • Enterprise Training & Resources (In-person & Digital)
  • Targeted Growth* & Sector Support
  • Enabling the Ecosystem


Through this, we believe we have and can continuously foster Wealth Creation through Entrepreneurship



Our programs:


  • Aspiring Entrepreneurship Programme (AEP)
  • FATE e-Learn
  • Justice Entrepreneurship School
  • The Next Economy (Core Life Skills)
  • The Next Economy (Incubation)
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurship Program Digital
  • Orange Corners Lagos



  • Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme (EEP)
  • Business Recovery Programme
  • Mentoring
  • Funding Linkages



Stock Exchange Listing Programme

Scale-Up Lab (Agribusiness)


We are extremely passionate about contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals